Viewing with Kale

The way we work.

We are a friendly business, run by Cengiz who has fluent English and Ann who has lived full time in Turkey for over seventeen years now. Both have extensive experience in the real estate business and utilise their excellent local knowledge to ensure that clients feel relaxed and comfortable during their time with Kale.

Over the years we have had so many customers tell us that their previous inspection trips have been through ”subsidised” packages with agents who made them feel pressured to buy. We strive to give our customers the freedom they deserve, we will cover your accommodation cost if you buy through us but we don’t want you to feel obligated to us in any way.

If you are travelling to Turkey on holiday, or to view properties under your own steam just tell us which of those for sale with us you wish to view. Even if there’s just one place to see we will pick you up from where you’re staying and take you back afterwards. These days many buyers choose to view with several agents for one or two days each, an arrangement we would be happy to make.

However, we do have a vast range of properties and could easily fill a week with viewings so if you would like to take the hassle out of your inspection trip we can organise everything for you, start to finish. You will find that most agents in Turkey do not operate sole agency rights over properties on the market and because of this you could view the greater percentage of places seen on other agents listings through ourselves.

Our bespoke inspection trip arrangements…

Our viewing trips are tailored to your needs! We believe it’s important for customers to enjoy their visit and get chance to see the area, for that reason, you set the pace. Every customer is dealt with on a personal level and will not be sent on group viewings. Our clients tell us how many properties they feel comfortable viewing each day and will only be shown those they wish to see. Most people spend between 4 and 7 days viewing but every customer is different and we are flexible!

We regularly arrange inspection trips for clients to view solely with us and in that instance we would source the best price flights on your behalf, but we do ask that clients be responsible for actually booking their own tickets and getting to the airport on time! At the airport you will be met by Cengiz on the Antalya side or Ann on the Kusadasi side, and your airport transfers are free. We can arrange accomodation on your behalf at the Hotel Sozer, on Kusadasi’s sea-front, looking out to the marina. Or, if you will be viewing in the Antalya region, The Hanay Suite, a lovely apartment hotel. The hotels have central locations, just around the corner from our offices. Every day your transport will be our responsibility. We will pick you up from the hotel and accompany you to the properties you wish to view, we can then take you back to your hotel when you have seen enough.

Should you find what you’re looking for, we will accompany you to the tax office, notary and solicitor if required. This means that if you have any questions Cengiz or Ann will be there to help and translate if necessary. On your return to the UK our staff will always be available to answer any questions and update you on the purchase process as it happens.

It really is that simple!

Happy Couple near their Home. Smiling Family outdoors.